It only supports the following field type:
TXT (Text): You can insert any text
CBX (ComboBox): You can insert one of the options of the combobox, in this case Portuguese, English or Deutsch, without the "(" and ")", as seeing in the column Value.
CHK (CheckBox): You can insert True, if you want to check that option or False if not.
The field with the name "Text Field0" is linked to a field that is hidden.
To Test:
1- Click on the button "Get Fields".
2- Set the new values of fields
3- If you want to test and set all new values click the button "Set Fields", if you want to test only a specific new value click on the button "Set Field" 
You can download the fillable form of this example here.
Set Output File Read-Only
Field Type
ValueSet New Value
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